My role at work has been to develop the safety procedures to enable

the safe use of shared equipment in an educational facility.

I work in a Film School.

I have been investigating the safety procedures under a COVID 19 environment from day 1 of the first lockdown back in late march, early April.

With the help of the regular Government updates, WHO, the CDC, my colleagues at work and at other facilities, a workable set of guidelines is in place and has been functioning successfully for several months now.

I am no expert.

It took me 2 months to even develop the beginning of a blueprint for risk minimisation, protection, cleaning and quarantining of equipment.

I review these procedures every day and as a new risk is exposed.

I also hold a Degree and Masters Degree in Fine Art from Newcastle University and Deakin University in Victoria. I'm pretty used to homework.

For the development of these Covid Covers,

I have tested;

  • Silk-Too Stifling. Muffles the sound but has great natural hydrophobic qualities

  • Rayon and Spandex of various densities. Excellent hydrophobic and acoustic qualities

  • Cotton/Poly blends for internal layers. Both absorbent and hydrophobic

  • 100% cotton from a 100 thread count all the way up to a 1000 thread per inch cloth. Excellent for absorbing aerosols. 

Back  to  the  Covers

Yes they do effect the sound, but it's more like a portable reverb than a mute.

Fortunately they have zero impact on intonation.

There is little to no effect on range.


I have spent much time experimenting with different fabrics

to find the best 'protection versus sound' combination I can create.

Masks can be either 2 or 3 layer and still be effective but the World Health Organisation specifies that a 3 layer mask is the safest option for a home made mask. This is why I have developed the 3 layer bell cover.


Printed fabrics look great but the inks have more of a muffling effect than dyed fabrics.


So, it's funky or practical.

I've made my choice.

Disclaimer: These products have not been tested by the CDC, FDA, or any laboratory to meet MERV-13 or to prove that they eliminate the projection of Covid-19 or any other virus.

They are still a better option than no protection at all.